Jack Howes ft. J-Hype - Tomorrow Is Today

Jack Howes ft. J-Hype – Tomorrow Is Today

UK producer Jack Howes delivers a genre-defying tune "Tomorrow Is Today". Released as a free download, this track is as beautiful as it is powerful, the kind of song that grabs your attention from the very ... READ MORE
Vanze feat. Brenton Mattheus - Forever

Vanze feat. Brenton Mattheus – Forever

Young Swedish producer Vanze has been blessing the electronic music scene with some unreal fresh remixes and originals. The 16 year old talent has put his efforts into his latest progressive house release "... READ MORE
Suspect Zero ft. J-Hype - Claim You

Suspect Zero ft. J-Hype – Claim You

One of our favorite duos in electronic music, the Arizona-based House music powerhouse Suspect Zero never seem to stop turning out amazing new music, and today we have just what your weekend spirit needs to be at an all time high. They delivered a refreshi... READ MORE
Molly Williams & Cosmic Quest - Bliss

Molly Williams & Cosmic Quest – Bliss

Cosmic Quest has been exploding on our radar on account of some great originals like "Higher". Today we hear the California-based producer's new original release. “Bliss” combines melodic keys with heavy hi... READ MORE
Cediv - Endless

Cediv – Endless

The exciting new face in progressive house Cediv has been making a name for himself with some successful remixes and originals. Today we have his latest original “Endless”, a feel good Tropical meets Progre... READ MORE
DJoe - Today Is The Day

DJoe – Today Is The Day

Argentinian producer/DJ DJoe is back with his latest and possibly biggest original "Today Is The Day" which is released as a free download. The song packs a thrilling house flavor thanks to the energetic vocals, with progressive builds and some electro kic... READ MORE
D!avolo & Vhana ft Nathan Brumley - Faith

D!avolo & Vhana ft Nathan Brumley – Faith

German duo D!avolo continue to breathe fresh energy into the house music world with what could be one their biggest release to date, " Faith" alongside talented producer Vhana and featuring Nathan Brumley o... READ MORE
Aventry - Alpha

Aventry – Alpha

I am very excited to bring you the latest single from talented Swedish producer/ DJ Aventry. In my opinion "Alpha" is one of his biggest singles to date, It’s a melodic Progressive House original, soaked wi... READ MORE
Vief & Maidden - Visions

Vief & Maidden – Visions

Greek artist, Vief, has teamed up with fellow, Maidden to bring us a new, chilled-out groovy track, "Visions". The piece starts out with some off-beat percussions and a subtle snap to put you in the right mood. And as the track progresses, the tropical-slo... READ MORE
SUBTL - On The Road

SUBTL – On The Road

Belgium-based producers SUBTL recently let loose their beautiful debut song, titled "On The Road". This piano-driven release is an unreal fusion of soulful house with a tropical flavor and unstoppable soulf... READ MORE
Piece Of Meat feat. Laura Leaves - Quasar

Piece Of Meat ft. Laura Leaves – Quasar

Milan producer Piece Of Meat is back with the release of one of his finest tunes yet "Quasar" a beautiful track enhanced by some stunning vocals from the talented Laura Leaves. Piece Of Meat takes his melod... READ MORE
A2 & Amasi ft. Rosendale - You & Me

A2 & Amasi ft. Rosendale – You & Me

California based duo ​A2 have made some waves with some great originals over these past months. This time, they have teamed up with Canadian producer AMASI and fellow singer Rosendale to deliver a refreshing progressive house piece " You & me". A melod... READ MORE